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Will compatible ink and toner cartridges work just as well as genuine?Printer-Ink-Cartridges

Yes they will… compatible ink and toner manufacturers have developed their own solutions that work just as well as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products… if not better.

They have had the opportunity to reverse engineer the OEM product and develop outstanding print and toner solutions to ensure the quality of the finished printed page is of the same exceptional quality you are familiar with.

Smart people have embraced non-genuine toner solutions! Why? Because they come with a guarantee to deliver the same print quality as OEM products, but at a fraction of the price. Quality guaranteed – every time.

I have been told never to use non-genuine, are compatibles guaranteed?

Because if you do, you will lose the opportunity to make significant savings. In today’s competitive marketplace, print machine manufacturers often use scare tactics to maintain their unrealistic profit margins, such as claiming the use of non-genuine toner cartridges will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

This simply isn’t true and, just like a car manufacturers can’t cancel your warranty because your choose a competitor to service your vehicle, you also have the right of choice when it comes to consumables for your home of office equipment.

if a part is ‘non-genuine’ but is interchangeable with a ‘genuine part’, then the non-genuine part would still be seen as being fir for the appropriate purpose, and would therefor not void any manufacture’s guarantee or warranty. Such warranty can only be voided when the cartridge itself is faulty and causes the damage to the printer.

Taken from pursuant to Schedule 2, Part 3-2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Armed with the latest technology and a comprehensive range of superior quality print solutions, compatible copier toner have been tried and proven worldwide.

People just like you are enjoying products as good as, if not better than, those manufactured by the OEM. With full technical support from the non-genuine consumables every bit a match for OEM products, non-genuine products offer a true quality print solution.

Why do compatibles sometimes look different yet they work the same?

Most OEM printers and cartridges are protected by patents, so manufacturers of compatible cartridges may be required to redesign their products to avoid intellectual property infringement. This also allows them to make any improvements necessary to the original design in order to deliver optimal cartridge performance. So, although non-genuine cartridges and toners may look different to the genuine product, their quality and suitability is assured. Is a cartridge shell cannot be redesigned, to due patent restrictions, the original cartridge may be refilled and any used components replaced.

Why are compatibles more affordable?

You’ll discover that compatible products are a more cost-effective alternative to genuine parts. Rather than following the lead of some print equipment manufacturers, who charge excessively, compatible manufacturers are more concerned with delivering great products at an affordable price. And for you, less expensive cartridges equal cheaper printing costs.

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