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OEM, Compatibles or Refills?

Posted in Site Updates - Written by Grant Philipps on August 12, 2013

CentriElectronicThat’s the question, which cartridges to use in your printer? OEM’s, Compatibles or Refilled Cartridges? We get asked this a lot at our shops, whats the difference and which one should I be using in my inkjet or laser printer?

Price and quality is also a big factor. So here are the facts:

Refills or Remanufactured: Your Cartridge Professionally cleaned and refilled. Most Inexpensive price and 100% Guaranteed.

Compatibles: Cartridges made by a third party with the same standard and technology. Great price and 100% Guaranteed.

OEM’s: Brand name cartridges made from the printer company. Most Expensive and 100% Guaranteed.
The choice is yours, but you may ask, will the use of non genuine or refilled products void my warranty?

As a consumer it is your right and choice to choose the brand of ink for your printing, therefore under the Trades act, Consumer law states that a manufacturer’s warranty cannot be voided due to using aftermarket consumables. Printer manufacturers would love you to believe that using inks other than OEM cartridges will void your printer warranty but using remanufactured printer ink cartridges will NOT void your printer warranty. It is then the responsibility of the printer manufacturer to prove that a non genuine cartridge or toner caused any sort of damage before refusing warranty repair.


We professional clean all cartridges with our Centri Clean units which spin cartridges at up to 3000rpm to completely flush a cartridge from the inside out. Once cleaned we use our ECO machines which use Vacuum chamber technology to remove air bubbles from foam cartridges to refill your cartridges. We refilled we clean your cartridge with various ultrasonic and steam technologies and then test with the Latest Technology CT16 Shop Testing Machine to ensure 100% Quality.

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