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Still Running Windows XP? Read This

Posted in Site Updates - Written by Grant Philipps on April 6, 2014

winxpproAs of the 8th April, 2014 that’s Tuesday – Microsoft will halt its user support and security updates to the Windows XP operating system. The OS build has been in service since 1998, and is among the most widely distributed OS builds on the planet. But with the rollout of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to put XP out to pasture – or rather take it out back behind the tool shed.

So whats the big deal I hear you say? By dropping security updates, the OS will become immediately vulnerable to new cyber threats and exploits making the system its running on a giant, pulsating bullseye for hackers. It’s not that you can’t run XP after this date, you just shouldn’t.

What can be done? Well most system currently running Windows XP “should” run Windows 7 perfectly fine. A minimum of 2GB of ram is advisable but this can be easily upgraded cheaply. We may even be able to “dual boot” Windows XP and Windows 7 together on the same machine to make the transition easier. Whatever the case an upgrade is highly recommended. Bring your Windows XP Tower or Laptop into any of our shops, we’ll run a few test and upgrade it normally on the same day. Don’t waste any time!

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