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World Backup Day – March 31st

Posted in Site Updates - Written by Grant Philipps on March 28, 2013

32634_10151818556673312_1685126024_nNever knew about this, but this Sunday the 31st of March is World Backup Day…. I hear you say why should we backup?

We increasingly trust technology to look after all the important memories in our lives. Your precious baby videos, financial documents, love letters, business emails and wedding photos. Think about what you’d lose if these were erased forever.

What is backing up? Basically, it’s making copies of all the important information that you have to ensure that it won’t ever be lost or damaged. It’s not as hard as it sounds – in fact, it’s really simple!

You might think your computer, phone or tablet is pretty reliable, but in reality, it’s not. Everything (yes, everything) fails, and once it does, all the important information you’ve stored on that device can be destroyed. In fact, it’s not a question of if a piece of technology will fail – it’s when.

More than 60 million computers will fail worldwide in 2013. Only 1 in 4 people back up their information regularly – that’s roughly 45 million times this year where files will be lost forever. Even worse – 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States alone. That’s hundreds of photos, conversations, calendars and more, gone in an instant.

It’s important to be ready. That’s why we created World Backup Day – to show you how to prepare for the inevitable. We’ll help you to devise a plan to store your precious memories and information in a safe location. Because there’s nothing worse than losing something important to you.


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